• The international community
    20 | 2018-08-31
    An organized Turkification process, followed the demographic change policy adopted by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, and met with a suspicious silence from the international parties present in the Syrian arena

    Hundreds of thousands of Afrin enclave's population, have been forcibly displaced, their houses were looted, their crops were burned. However, the Turkish forces and allied Islamic groups continue to commit daily violations and brutal practices against Afrin's residents

    Social media outlets, showed videos of women accuse leaders of these factions of raping them, not to mention changing the names of the villages in Afrin from Kurdish names into Turkish ones , as part of to a systematic political process. All these practices have caused public discontent among residents, says the Syrian Observatory for human rights (SOHR)

    "We will not let the people of Afrin bless their crops", a slogan launched by these armed factions and groups, where' illegal taxation' are now taken from the owners of shops, agricultural land and farms without any deterrent

    Addition to, an arbitrary detentions campaign that involved young men and women from Afrin, with the purpose of extorting money and force people to pay ransom for release  or being  tortured to death, where a young man was killed under torture, recently, as a source from inside Afrin confirmed

    The Syrian Observatory and some activists in Afrin reported that these detentions come under 'flimsy pretexts', such as accusing persons of being affiliated to the People's Protection Units(YPG) or any form of association with the Self-Administration institutions. However,  they do so, in fact , to intimidate people and get money in provocative ways

    Even though all documented violations and abuses of international human rights law by the Turkish forces and allied faction, silence, which the only reaction of international community remains  the most powerful violation against human rights of all

    Translated by: Hevin Osman

    Re FM, Reports
  • Occupied Afrin: between hammer of Turkish violations and anvil of Arabization policy
    20 | 2018-08-11

    Turkey-backed Islamic faction of the so-called "Free Army" occupying Afrin, continue to commit violations against the civilians in Afrin, since its occupation by the Turkish army, amid an international silence

    Activists and social networks have deliberated videos and photos of well-known places and sites inside the city, that the extremist Islamic factions have changed their original names. Such as changing the name of "Kawah Al Haddad" roundabout in the center of Afrin to "martyrs of March 18, 2018", and "Nawrouz" one to "Saladin al-Ayubi ", addition to changing  the name of "Watani" roundabout to "Olive branch" . Besides, installing sings  written in Arabic and Kurdish, and raising the flags of the Syrian opposition and Turkey

    The Syrian observatory for human rights (SOHR), has also documented bulldozers  belonging to Islamic factions, cutting and uprooting olive trees in "Hamam" and other areas in Afrin, on the pretext of using the flattened lands for the construction of military headquarters and training camps

    Many other places names have been changed by the Turkish factions, as changing towns and villages names into names that were prevailed during the Syrian regime rule, which had been adopting the Arabization policy. Such as "Naza" village that turned in to "Al-Mohbaba" and "Kortik" village that became "Al-Hufra"

    Furthermore, these faction have been carrying  out continuous detentions, which have become a way of lucrative trade, by fabricating and framing false charges against citizens, in order to obtain money from them, in exchange for their release

    According to (SOHR) , Afrin has been experiencing an action-reaction state. Where the citizen suffers violation, torture, arrest, alongside paying taxes and more every day

    The Turkish occupation and Islamic armed factions backed by, have been committing all kinds of human violations against civilian population of Afrin, since the occupation of the city on March 18,2018. Starting with settling Arab displaced from southern Syrian areas, in displaced Kurd residents' homes, to Arabizing Kurdish names in every way. Keeping Afrin "the city of olive" caught between the hammer of the Turkish violations and the anvil of Arabization policy

     Translated by: Hevin Osman.

    Re FM

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