• Spread of diseases increases Refuges' suffering in Shahba camps
    19 | 2018-08-25
    The suffering of refugees in  'Shahba' camps has increased, recently, due to the outbreak  of diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, measles, and leishmaniasis, owing to the spread of swamps and lack of medicines shortage

    Kamal Derbas, a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent administrative Commission, told Re FM, that the commission has three medical aid points in the camps of Shahba, that work hard day and night ,addition to some medical stuffs and a health education section for spreading awareness and protecting  the residents inside the camps from the widespread diseases and infectious ones in particular

     Derbas also pointed out that they follow preventive medical procedures in certain cases, explaining that they isolate infected with infectious diseases ( put them under quarantine), in order to limit the spread of the disease and prevent  healthy people from being infected, noting that they suffer from leishmaniasis drug shortage and are in need to medical personnel

    Translated by: Hevin Osman
    Re FM

  • SOHR: Movements on the ground indicate Idlib battle is imminent
    19 | 2018-08-23
    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights  (SOHR) reported that the regime has brought more military reinforcements for its next battle, conforming that dozens of soldiers and officers to have been arriving at 'Hama' military airport, as part of its preparations for the upcoming military operation in Idlib

    All actions  on the ground foreshadows a  military campaign against the Islamic factions in    the western triangle of (Jisr al-Shughour, north of Lattakia and Sahl al-Ghab ), according to the observatory
    It's worth to mention that a truce was announced  in Aleppo, Idlib, Lattakia and Hama provinces  by Turkish-Russian efforts, for a week now

    Translated by: Hevin Osman
    Re FM

  • Is: Oil wells belong to (Islamic state), and we will kill those who support atheist Kurds
    19 | 2018-08-20
    The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR) said that it did monitored cells belonging to Daesh (IS), distributing paper leaflets in al-Zer village, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces ( SDF), east of the Euphrates river in Deir al-Zour city

    The leaflets contained a circulation says that : Oil wells are owned by the "Islamic State"  and of its property. Threatening to kill anyone approach them or works as a guard at wells controlled by the Kurds, describing them as "atheists" and those working under their authority as “blasphemy-leading loyalty

    It is noteworthy that 'sleeper cells' of the terrorist organization of 'Daesh' carry out attacks, occasionally, targeting oil wells, oil fields and housings under the control of the International Coalition Forces and the SDF. Most recent of which was an attack on housing of al-Omar oilfield area two days ago

    Edited by: Hevin Osman
                       Re FM

  • U.S applauds KSA contribution of $ 100 million for stabilization efforts in northeast Syria
    19 | 2018-08-18
    Mr. Mohammed Howeidi , political analyst, told Re FM, today morning that : "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided  $ 100 million, as a contribution for ongoing, Coalition-support stabilization in areas liberated from Daesh (IS) in northeast Syria, the day before yesterday

    Howeidi stressed that : "this contribution is for reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure in the north-east of Syria. Where  a huge number of internally displaced persons and  refugees have returned  their homes. Pointing out that : "the reconstruction process will be under the supervision of the Self-Administration, since it has been a reliable partner on the ground and did what no party can do. By restoring  stability and essential services to residents, reviving civil institutions, and preserving the Syrian social fabric." As he put it

    The Saudi politician explained that this support step is " a promising start", makes doors opened to the construction of all Syria, together with other countries including the UAE and European countries

    On its part, The United states has welcomed, through a statement, the Saudi contribution and significant work to be done in the fight against 'Daesh', especially to assist stabilization efforts in areas liberated in Syria

    Edited by: Hevin Osman
    Re FM

  • .SDF prepare to launch a military campaign to liberate last stronghold of Daesh
    19 | 2018-08-16
    The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has announced that they would begin the liberation campaign of 'Hajin' town, the last stronghold of Daesh (IS) in eastern Euphrates, after besieging it, within the next few days

    Shergo Hasakeh, a leading figure in SDF, confirmed that civilians rescue teams are currently working on opening safety corridors to evacuate civilians trapped in the town, according to Hawar news agency

    It is worth mentioning  that pentagon spokesman has announced, last Thursday, that the international coalition is preparing for the big battle in 'Hajin' district of Deir al-Zour countryside, saying that: " Syrian Democratic Forces  is a "reliable partner" of the International Alliance, according to Al-Sharq al-Awsat journal

    Translated by: Hevin Osman
    Re FM

  • UN development programme concluded with (War Remnants models) exhibition , in al-Hasaka
    19 | 2018-08-15
    In collaboration with the Presbyterian Evangelical Church in al-Hasaka city, The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), has concluded its awareness campaigns, on Tuesday, with a closing exhibition for fine art models made of remnants of war, at the church hall in al-Hasaka city

    Helez Abdul kader, member of the Evangelical Church ( Adim) Project, told Re FM correspondent  that (Adim ) project has included many awareness campaigns, which usually conclude with a final exhibition, noting that it will last for three days

    The models have been made by the residents of (Aziziyah) neighborhood, during the training workshops sponsored by 'Adim' project, added Abdul kader

    Translated by: Hevin Osman
    Re FM

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